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Hi there Rick,     
                My model kits, the USS Wisconsin and the B-25 Mitchell arrived in good condition yesterday.
 I have begun assembling it as of last evening. Gee no duty tax at the border! Modelling is my main hobby along with gardening and visiting the casino nearby. Being retired now I still enjoy putting kits together since I was 8 years old, mostly from the WW II era, but do other military items as well.
             Thank you for your fine service and cordiality .  Keep up the great work at Atlantis.

                      Sincerely,  Keith Young...Satisfied customer 


I love what you're doing for the hobby !!
Trust me, there's a lot of us old guys (in our 50's) that STILL build models !!
I have built many Atlantis kits (The ghost of the red baron, blackbeard, phantom, a couple of saucers)

and am looking forward to many military kits !! THANK YOU for what you are doing. I am so glad that you guys purchased the tooling that the "new" revell didn't want. I eagerly anticipate your new releases !!


PS, any way that we could get a "glow" version of the Ghost of the Red Baron in the future???

Sean in Cincinnati

Hi, you mention in a recent email about the great rereleased model kits The Lil’ Red Baron and Lil’ T’rantula from Tom Daniel that “Look for many more snap kits to follow.” Are you saying that there are more vintage Tom Daniel kits like these two coming  out? I hope so. These kits are highly sought after on the secondary markets and I for one am really glad Atlantis is releasing them! I already have the Ghost of the Red Baron! Thank you Atlantis!

Larry Bailey

Pittsburgh PA

Comments or Questions: I just wanted to thank you for making available the Vic Torry background. I had already bought the model (from Amazon) and I'm very happy I can get this thing done right.


I'll be checking with Atlantis in the future for ALL my modeling purchases.  Thanks very much.


-Rock Waterman

"Twitter Free Since 1951."

Comments or Questions: Thank you for bringing back some of the models from my youth. I am looking forward to some of the upcoming re-releases.

I wanted to know if you plan on doing the old 1/48 Aurora Ryan X-13 Vertijet. That is one kit that is at the top of my list.

Anyways thanks again and keep up the great work.


Mark Neidl

Comments or Questions: I am so very happy to have found your site.  A return of those long ago Aurora kits, and the Revell kits is very welcome.  Baby Boomer age modelers started on those kits and we miss them a great deal.  Thank you for having the foresight to bring them back, and the better understanding of the nostalgia of the scale model hobby.

There is a lot of talk about the notorious Aurora Brisfit kit, the one no one ever finished because the wings drifted out of place.  Since most of us have better skills, we hope to see the return of this kit so that we can give it a better try this time.

I am particularly interested in the Aurora 1.48 armor kits and aircraft kits.

And the early Revell kits which I never got to try out before they disappeared.

Some complain the old kits lack technology.  Nonsense, most are quite good.  Most important they are what they are so just build them and Have Fun!

Thanks again for your good work.  I look forward to ordering a good many kits from you.

Charles Wickwire

I was the guy who called and asked if the kit was from the original Revell molds.  Thank you for bringing back a great kit and preserving the original art work on the box.  I can’t wait to get mine! Now, if you could just re-issue the Chris Craft cabin cruiser and some of the tall ships from Revell’s glory days in Venice, CA...

 Bob Meder

Sent from my iPad
Comments or Questions: hi from the united kingdom, i am currently waiting for my local model shop hear in widnes england,for your aurora/atlantis phantom of the opera model kit,i have on a child of the 1960s,i want to say thank you for all your hard work,bringing these classic kits back in 2019,do you plan to re-release any orther monster model kits in the long box format? also possibly the aurora man from uncle long box kits of napoleon solo and illya kuryakin. thank you for your valuable time

 best regards

 Ronny morson 

Comments or Questions: Received my model today (Order #7029) and just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service.

                    Bob Blohme

Comments or Questions: Just purchased 4 of the phantom of the Opera kits. Thanks for bringing back this kit last built it was 1963 loved it back in in the day.  Any plans on bringing out some of the other Aurora monsters.  Also how about the gladiators, the blue Knight and silver Knight kits. Did these molds survive. Thanks. 

Richard  M Brakefield   

Package received.  The Phantom kit looks great and I love the Aurora artwork box.

Thank you for bringing the Phantom back to life.  I can now complete my Aurora Monsters re-issue collection.

Good luck in the future.


I just saw photos of your "Buffalo Bill" B-24 on the Hyperscale forum and I am so delighted that you molded the kit in desert sand, just like the original Revell "S" Kit that I built when I was 9 years old. I also liked the great decal sheet with the circular base decal that is complete with the manufacturer's name (Consolidated). When will these be available at hobby shops on the west coast?

 Thanks so much,



 Great service, I ordered the kit last Thursday 2/7 and it arrived yesterday 2/11. The big guys could learn from this. You did not need to go as heavy on the backgrounds as you did but I will put them to good use. Very happy to hear your rescuing some of the old Revell and Monogram tooling. Looking forward to seeing what you won.

 I gave the first two I build away as gifts, this one is for me. Going to build this one up for the 2019 Wonderfest here in Louisville. Attached is a photo of the starting point, think 50’s UFO meets 50’s cruiser and cows in space. I’ll send you some shots when it’s up on it’s wheels, oh wait? UFO’s ain’t got no wheels, LOL!


Dan Varner

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