Collectible Magnets 2x3

Beautiful glossy 2 x 3 Refrigerator Magnets. Our Fridge Magnets are made in our warehouse on Long Island, NY in The USA. Atlantis Design Refrigerator Magnets are unique and custom made to order with high quality metal backs, plastic and mylar. These are strong and durable Locker Fridge magnets. Start collecting Today! 
Book Covers from our childhood
All of your favorite cereals from the past. Great bright box pics make a perfect fridge magnet
Vintage Ads that promote all types of products
Featuring classic Box Art from your favorite Vintage Plastic Model Kits on 2 x 3" fridge magnets. New images added regularly.
Your favorite, most popular images from Vintage Comic Books on 2 x 3" fridge magnets. We have 3 sub-categories to choose from.
All the best Emojis to brighten up your refrigerators! Use them to stick a note on the fridge and get your message across
We're trying to cover every Country and type of flag- please let us know what we are missing
Great Assortment of Holiday Images on our collectible Fridge Magnets. From vintage cards to custom images by the Atlantis Design Team. Timely gifts for every occasion!
Posters from your favorite movies printed on our 2 x 3 Fridge Magnets. From Classic Dramas to Modern Horror we try to cover them all.
The latest additions to our Fridge Magnet Assortment
Magnets featuring Non Sport Trading Card images.
Great images of your favorite Celebrities, pop-culture advertisements, fanzines, TV Guides, Mad magazines and much more!
Great Assortment of Vintage Art from Travel Posters, Patriotic War Posters, Concert Performances and other shows.
An Amazing selection of Pulp Fiction Art from the seediest detective stories to the wildest western tales.
From beautiful Railroad Poster Art to Model Train Magazine covers- everything for the fan of the Rails
Classic Science Fiction Art from your favorite Vintage Sci-Fi magazines.
Games we all played -back in the day!- classic images of board games, coloring books and vintage toys
Vintage Firecracker Label Art of your favorite brands from childhood.
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