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Atlantis Kit Resource

Welcome to the Atlantis Plastic Model Kit Resource Page. Here you find a list of every kit we produced since 2009. Also available are the instructions sheets. They can be downloaded and printed. Also you may see an archive page link, these pages go into a bit more detail about the subject along with other information from the Atlantis Archive Room. If have something you would like to see here send an email to Atlantis on the contact us link at the bottom of every page.

Look for all these classic kits to hit store Shelves in 2020!

Coming later this Year Tom Daniel King Chopper II

Model Aircraft

H273 B-52 w/X-15 1/135 Scale

A145 S2F Hunter Killer 1/53 Scale

H163 P-3A Orion 1/115 Scale

H205 B-36 Peacemaker 1/136 Scale with Swivel Stand

H216 B-25 Flying Dragon 1/64 Instruction Sheet

H244 P6M Seamaster 1/136

H218  B-24J Buffalo Bill 1/92 Instruction Sheet

A505 Jolly Green Giant 1/72

M1026 Huey Choppers Snap 2 Pack

A502 H-25 Army Mule 1/48 Instruction Sheet

A506 AH-56A Cheyenne 1/72

6004 DC-9 Airliner 1/72

A351 727 Whisper Jet Eastern/TWA 1/96

Automotive Plastic Kits

H1402 Vintage Gas Truck Sinclair/ US ARMY 1/48

H1301 Ed Big Daddy Roth Mr Gasser 1/25

M6650 Snap Li'l Red Baron 1/32   Instruction Sheet

M6651 Snap Li'l T'rantula 1/32   Instruction Sheet

Figure Kits

3001 Zorro 1/12 Scale Sold Out  Box Artwork

3003 Flash Gordon Sold Out  Build up Andy Yanchus

3004 The Phantom and the Voodoo Witch Doctor 1/8 Scale

M220 Tom Daniel Ghost of the Red Baron 1/3 Scale  Archive Page  Instruction Sheet

A428 Lon Chaney as the Phantom of the Opera 1/8 Scale Instruction Sheet

H1307 Ed Big Daddy Roth Angel Fink

Model Ship Kits

Military Models

A301 M46 Patton Tank 1/48

A307 US Army Howitzer Gun 1/48 Scale

A303 Russian Stalin Tank 1/48 Scale

Space and Science Fiction

H1833 Atlas Rocket with Launch Pad/Mercury Capsule 1/110 Instruction Sheet

H1828 Convair Shuttle Craft Space Ship

1002 TR-3 UFO 5 Inch

1005S Earth vs the Flying Saucers Silver Edition 5 Inch

1006 The Invaders UFO 1/72  Instruction Sheet

1007 Monument Valley UFO Clear 5 Inch

1007G Monument Valley Glow Version 5 Inch

1008 I want to Believe UFO Billy Meier 5 Inch

1009 Vic Torry and His Flying Saucer 1950's 5 Inch

Wildlife Models

2001 The White Stallion
2002 American Bison New box art by Chris White
2003 Black Bear and Cubs New Box Art by Chris White (Black Bear built up)

4001 Prehistoric Scenes BIG TREX

Engine Models

H1551 Allison Turbo Prop Engine 1/10 Scale

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