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Atlantis Kit History

Welcome to the Atlantis Kit Details Hub ! Just click on the links below to dig a little deeper into the history of these kits. With mold photos, archival material, old promotional pieces, instructions, and some new pics of the restoration and production, you will get a peek behind the curtain at Atlantis! 

Look for all these classic kits to hit store Shelves in 2019! 

Model Aircraft

H273 B-52 w/X-15 1/135 Scale

A145 S2F Hunter Killer 1/53 Scale

H163 P-3A Orion 1/115 Scale

H216 B-25 Flying Dragon 1/64

H244 P6M Seamaster 1/136

H218  B-24J Buffalo Bill 1/92

A505 Jolly Green Giant 1/72

M1026 Snap Fire Rescue Helicopter

A502 H-25 Army Mule 1/48

6004 DC-9 Airliner 1/72

A351 727 Whisper Jet Eastern 1/96

Automotive Plastic Kits

H1402 Vintage Gas Truck 1/48

H1301 Ed Big Daddy Roth Mr Gasser 1/25

M6650 Snap L'il Red Baron 1/32 New Artwork being done!

M6651 Snap L'il T'rantula 1/32 New Artwork being done!

Figure Kits

3001 Zorro 1/12 Scale Sold Out  Box Artwork

3003 Flash Gordon Sold Out  Build up Andy Yanchus

3004 The Phantom and the Voodoo Witch Doctor 1/8 Scale

M220 Tom Daniel Ghost of the Red Baron 1/3 Scale  Archive Page

A428 Lon Chaney as the Phantom of the Opera 1/8 Scale

H1307 Ed Big Daddy Roth Angel Fink

Model Ship Kits

H369 USS Iowa Battleship 1/535 Scale  Archive Page

H457 USS Pittsburgh 1/480

H352 USS Forrest Sherman 1/319

6002 Viking Ship Sold out Box Artwork

6003 Black Falcon Sold Out Box Artwork

R611 USS Ticonderoga CV-14 1/500

Military Models

A312 German Tiger Tank 1/48 Scale

A307 US Army Howitzer Gun 1/48 Scale

A313 Churchill Tank 1/48 Scale

Space and Science Fiction

H1833 Atlas Rocket with Launch Pad/Mercury Capsule 1/110 

H1828 Convair Shuttle Craft Space Ship

1002 TR-3 UFO 5 Inch

1005S Earth vs the Flying Saucers Silver Edition 5 Inch

1006 The Invaders UFO 1/72

1007 Monument Valley UFO Clear 5 Inch

1007G Monument Valley Glow Version 5 Inch

1008 I want to Believe UFO Billy Meier 5 Inch

1009 Vic Torry and His Flying Saucer 1950's 5 Inch

Engine Models

H1551 Allison Turbo Prop Engine 1/10 Scale

Gift Sets

A206 Military Battle Set

A207 Air, Land and Sea Set

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